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Dear Marketers,

I've Found The Fastest Way To Increase Our Remote Income...

I need to be remote. I need to be futureproof.

I kept repeating those words to myself day after day.


By this time I was already building websites and basic funnels. I was able to create video and blog content for clients and drive traffic to their websites. 


I knew advancing my career as a Digital Marketing Consultant was the answer I just needed more time to figure it all out.


The biggest problem was that I felt like I wasn't getting paid for my work on the strategy side. Nor was I closing enough clients given how much I knew. Something was really missing as I continued to persue those elusive $10,000 months.


What I was lacking was a bulletproof process that got me paid what I was worth.


In the early parts of my career as a consultant, knowing how to advise clients was the easy part. If you know anything about social media, content creation or digital marketing you can bring a lot of value to small business clients and up-and-coming influencers.


I always enjoyed listening to GaryVee's podcast trying to predict what he was going to recommend.


But for me I always struggled with everything surrounding the actual strategy of digital marketing. More of the business of Consulting. No one ever taught me how to "consult" so it was a bit of a process to figure that all out. 


Writing lead surveys.  Conducting discovery calls. Presenting offers. Organizing client data. There is a fair amount to it. 


But if it meant I could live and work remotely I knew I'd figure it out.


And I did. 


Now I'd like to share it with you...

Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials

Online Course + CRM Mainframe

This Will Revolutionize Your Capabilities and Drastically Strengthen Your Financial Confidence.

This Transformational Online Course Has Everything You Need To Add Digital Marketing Consulting to Your Repetoire in a Matter of Days. 

  • Learn the Core Components of Digital Marketing Consulting

    First we learn to play the game. Who's involved. The tools. The Platforms. The process. What exactly do we need to know about to develop great digital marketing strategies.

  • Learn How to Audit, Visualize and Present Online Funnels and Marketing Campaigns to your clients.

    In this program I reveal exactly how to audit my clients websites and online businesses, develop a report and funnel visualization and finally present the recommended strategy.

  • Gain Privileged Access to a Private Forum of Digital Marketers

    This program also includes access to our beloved private forum 'The Rich+Niche Collective' where 100+ other  passionate, open-minded, digital marketers are gathering, sharing ideas, experiences and tales of their journey.

  • Learn Rich's Signature 9-Stage Digital Marketing Consulting Process

    After working with hundreds of different clients in a freelance scenario, I can promise you my process is elite. I want you to know every single step so you can follow safely in my footsteps.

  • Steal Rich's High-Powered CRM Saving You Hours of Time

    If you want to learn how to manage client info, discovery data, strategy data and more...then you'll want to utilize the Digital Marketer's CRM Mainframe I've built which you can incorporate instantly into your consultancy.

  • Go to the Next Level with Empowered Soft Skills

    Learn the critical soft skills Consultants require to take their career to the next level.

You'll have the knowledge and mental framework required to be a successful and confident digital marketing consultant. You'll walk away with a professional process, enhanced consulting skills and a new depth to your business acumen.​

Rich Ux


"I'm excited to be leading you through this ground-breaking course. Never before has learning how to become a consultant been easier. Digital Marketing is the most future-proof expertise you can develop."


Founder of Rich+Niche, Law Graduate, Full Stack Digital Marketer,

5+ Years as a Digital Marketing Consultant

Tom Nguyen


"This is an exciting opportunity and I'm glad to be a part of it. You are in for something special. Get your notepads out."


Former Big 4 Senior Executive with 15+ Years Consulting Fortune 500 Companies Around the Globe on Financial Growth Initiatives & Transformation​

10 Killer Learning Outcomes of

Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials

  • Learning Outcome #1

    You'll Learn the Essential Elements of Being a Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Learning Outcome #2

    You'll Learn My 9-Stage Client Ascension Process and How to Apply it to Any Client

  • Learning Outcome #3

    You'll Learn Where Strategy Ends and Implementation Begins and How to Manage Project Scope 

  • Learning Outcome #4

    You'll Learn The Key to Maximizing The Value of Every Client Relationship

  • Learning Outcome #5

    You'll Learn How to Intake Client Data and Host Discovery Calls Like a a Pro

  • Learning Outcome #6

    You'll Learn How to Conduct a Complete Digital Marketing Strategic Consultation

  • Learning Outcome #7

    You'll Learn How to Price Out Your Marketing Projects in Seconds

  • Learning Outcome #8

    You'll Learn All 88 Tasks that Make Up My Entire Scope of Work

  • Learning Outcome #9

    You'll Learn How to Read Client Social Styles and Communication Techniques

  • Learning Outcome #10

    You'll Learn How to Improve Your Executive Presence

Your Every Move as a Digital Marketing Consultant Mapped Out.

Every Discovery Question. Every Strategic Inquiry. Every Deliverable Task.

I've Turned 88 Digital Marketing Tasks into the Ultimate Signature Process that Your Clients will Love.

And if you ever plan on RUNNING Facebook Ads, you're gonna want this training. 

My signature digital marketing consulting process has been designed to ensure success with Facebook Ads. After years of trials and tribulations I believe this 9-stage process is what is ESSENTIAL to have success with Facebook Ads and Digital Marketing in general.

This is just an unfair advantage!

Get Access to My Insanely Powerful Client Relationship Manager (CRM) Mainframe That Makes Consulting So Simple.

This customizable Digital Marketing Consultant's CRM Mainframe is going to take you into the professional realm of client management and beyond.

  • Automate Lead Capture

    When leads fill out your online survey their info will be automatically populated in your CRM to begin managing.

  • Manage Discovery Calls

    Get a discovery call on the books with your new lead. The CRM will help you ask all the right questions to your potential new client.

  • The Complete Sales Process

    In the training, you'll learn how to transition from discovery to pitching and presenting your offer.

  • How to use the Project Builder to Price with Ease

    Don't fumble with prices. Look professional! This CRM will help you build projects on the spot and create instant pricing plans for your prospects to consider.

  • Manage Active Projects and Prevent Scope Creep

    Stay organized with active projects and quickly and easily develop entire project plans using the CRM.

  • Manage Your Consulting Strategic Sessions Like a Pro

    Strategy is more robotic than people realize. Make your life simple by storing all of your strategic inquiry data inside your CRM.

  • Keep Track of Payments

    Make sure every project is paid up and well tracked! Link project build estimates. Know your numbers.

  • Everything All in One Place!

    In your battlestation at home or on-the-go this CRM will make your life 10X easier.

This course packages Digital Marketing in such a way that is simplified, actionable, and creates the shortest path to being a consultant. Many courses are available online and instead of giving you too much information, Rich focuses on the areas that will get you the job. No fluff, no nonsense.

C.D. Oro, Digital Marketer


What Students Are Saying About Rich+Niche

Rich gives you the knowledge you need to begin your own career with confidence and direction.

Casey G.

Digital Marketer

If anyone understands future-proof value it's Rich Ux. The Full Stack Digital Marketing Man himself. I'm so glad I joined the Rich+Niche Collective.

Peace J.

Paid Media Specialist

I seriously hated dealing with tech and all the headaches before. Recently started the course and already feel way more comfortable building sites, putting out videos and already hitting a lot of the goals I never thought I’d hit.

Patrick D.

Digital Marketer

Rich is great at keeping it simple and actionable. Also seems to be very up to date concerning the technologies he uses.


Digital Marketer

I am usually a self-learner but when it comes to digital marketing, the information on google is too overwhelming and confusing. Rich's course weeds out all the unnecessary information and has guided me to an actionable plan. The best online course I've even taken.

Linda C.

Business Automation Developer

Rich knows what he's talking about, very authentic and clear. In his work, with the program and follow through ☝️ very thorough.

Michael S.

Brand Strategist

There is no fluff with Rich! Not a moment is wasted and this is absolutely a comprehensive course. Many times I’ve found myself blown away by how Rich has simplified the material but it’s jam-packed with the right information at the right time.

Brooke S.

Digital Marketer

Happy dancing because I was finally able to quit my (horrible) job to pursue digital marketing full-time. This course and group helped make it all possible. Thank you guys SO much!

Zoe T.

Digital Marketer

I’m in the course and all I can say is Rich is the man. Super knowledgeable and has put together something here to get you results for clients and yourself.

Adam T.

Digital Marketer


Get Lifetime Access to the Rich+Niche Collective Community.

  • On-Going Career Development 

  • Meet Like-Minded Marketers

  • Direct Line to Rich Ux

  • Exclusive Strategic Content 

Let me ask you a question...

If this could help you close just one client at $2500 wouldn't it be worth it?


Exactly What's Included In This Transformational Program:

  • Industry Leading Digital Marketing Consulting Online Course

    (Valued at $5500.00)

  • Time-Saving Digital Marketer's CRM Mainframe System 

    (Valued at $2500.00)

  • Dynamic PDF Audit Guides and Strategy Questionnaires

    (Valued at $500.00)

  • BONUS: Rich Ux's 12 Digital Marketing Case Studies (Valued at $2400.00)

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Rich+Niche Collective Forum (Valued at $999.00)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions

  • Are there any pre-requisites?

    Not officially, but I highly recommend my Digital Marketing Consultant's Blueprint Mini-Course.

  • How long is this course exactly and how long can I access the course materials?

    This course contains approximately 30 videos lasting a total of 3-4 hours on screen. You can complete it in less than 2 weeks with ease.

  • Is there any certification?

    Not at this time, but we are looking into it.

  • What happens when I don't know how to do something?

    If the video do not provide enough clarity then you  post a comment on the specific module and an instructor will answer it there.

  • Is this course "Drip-Fed" or do I get access to everything right away?

    You get immediate access to every aspect of the training. You are free to navigate to any module as soon as you enter.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    There are no additional costs although I do recommend you invest into a Pro Airtable account (but in this course we only require the Free Airtable account).

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